We're putting sidewalks on the map.

PathVu is committed to improving walkability along sidewalks.  Our vision is for pedestrian pathways, sidewalks, and trails to be completely walkable so that all people -- of any ability -- have full and safe access to every public and private pedestrian path.  Improved walkability is associated with lower pollution, higher property values and an overall healthier community.

With our mix of engineering-grade hardware and innovative crowdsourcing tools we're developing a worldwide sidewalk network to ultimately improve happiness, health and safety of every community.  Livability and walkability go hand in hand.



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Get Involved

pathVu is our app that allows smartphone users to capture locations and pictures of sidewalk defects that you pass by every day.  To participate:

Download it from the Google Play Store.


Our Technology


Data Collection Tools

We have come up with a set of data collection tools that can be used by everyone to improve walkability.  Our Pathway Measurement Tool (PathMeT) is a proprietary device which can be used (by us or others) to collect  high-resolution data at a rapid pace (~4mi/hr).


Our mobile tools allow everyone to volunteer data.  pathVu is our app that allows smartphone users to capture locations and pictures of sidewalk defects that you pass by every day.  We have also tied in with the award-winning Moves app (managed by ProtoGeo Oy) so you can easily share your daily pedestrian activity by just typing in an access code that we provide. 

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Sidewalk Mapping

We aggregate raw data that has been collected with our data collection tools and filter it using proprietary algorithms to develop accurate maps of sidewalks worldwide. These maps include sidewalk topology and sidewalk attributes such as sidewalk defects.  


Data Application and Visualization

Our data can be used to locate and monitor sidewalk defects (which reduce walkability) and provide the framework for sidewalk wayfinding tools.  We offer access to the data through web and mobile applications, and also through APIs.  


Meet the Team

We have a true passion for walkability.


Our team is dedicated to making sidewalks more walkable. We have been involved in wheelchair accessibility research for 20 years. Our team created PathMeT, a revolutionary surface profiler which measures sidewalk accessibility according to U.S. Access Board standards. Our tools can help property owners improve communities so that all people travel safely.


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