Let's See How You Move!

PathVu is committed to improving accessibility and walkability along sidewalks.
In collaboration with the 'Moves' app and your help, we can crowdsource sidewalk data worldwide. Let's get moving!

What can PathVu do with your ‘Moves’ data?
Find the most traveled sidewalks around town
Identify potential safety hazards
Create awareness of pedestrian issues around the city
Ultimately make walking an easier and safer experience for everyone

How can you help?

You can help us in two easy steps. (It'll take just about 1 minute).


Download the 'Moves' App on your Smart Phone or Tablet and start keeping track of your daily activity.


Select the pedestrian transportation method that best describes you
and follow the simple instructions on the next page:

View our map of sidewalk data in real time.

That's it!  Any questions?  Contact info@pathvu.com


Privacy Statement:
Please remember: you and your data are kept completely anonymous. This application uses data from Moves but is not endorsed or certified by Moves. Moves is a trademark of ProtoGeo Oy.